The Most Popular Creativity Lie (The Originality Lie)

Stop bleeding from the brain trying to be original, it’s a hopeless task. Nobody is going to applaud you for it, because you will never do it.

The Most Damaging Creativity Lie (The Artistry Lie)

In the previous blog, I labelled the Genetics Lie of Creativity the most “important” lie about creativity, putting it at #1. And yet now I am saying there is a more damaging one. Yep! CREATIVITY LIE #2: The Artistry Lie “Creativity is Artistry.” The Genetics Lie is the grandma of all the lies about Creativity, […]

The Most Important Creativity Lie (The Genetics Lie) Part 1

Evidence seems to clearly show is that creativity is not gained as we grow up, but lost. Picasso said that all children are artists, with the trick being to remain an artist once we grow up. A seminal study by George Land showed this with frightening clarity in 1968, the year of my birth.

I Love Abuja

In the aftermath of the Nigerian-Biafra War, the Nigerian government sought to locate its capital in a location not predominated by any one ethnic group. The site of Abuja was chosen for the Fedeal Capital Territory as it was centrally located and had few existing residents. Today, it is Africa’s only purpose-built capital city. – […]